Upcoming services

As the search committee continues its work of seeking a Rector to recommend to the Vestry, please plan on warmly welcoming the wonderful clergy visiting over the next several weeks.

Continuing the practice of recent years, the organ will be off for most of August with the one exception being our patronal feast day (the 26th).

SUNDAY (8/26):  Holy Eucharist at 10am (The Feast of St. Bartholomew)
Celebrant & Preacher: Rev David La Barbera, St. Jude’s Church, Grants Pass, OR
Organist: Gail Erickson
BBQ and annual Parish meeting to follow

SUNDAY (9/2):  Holy Eucharist at 10am (Trinity XIV)
Celebrant & Preacher: Rev Boyd Brittan, Church of Our Saviour, Los Angeles, CA