News from St. Bart’s (3/10)



Dear Brothers & Sisters in our Lord,

This communiqué hopefully finds you in the midst of a spiritually fruitful Lenten season.  Sunday morning, in addition to seeing us “spring forward” into Daylight Saving Time, offers us an opportunity to catch our breath a bit before heading into the more intense Passiontide, which consists of the week of Passion Sunday and Holy Week. 

The Fourth Sunday in Lent has several nicknames:  “Laetare” or “Rejoice” Sunday from the ancient Introit taken from Isaiah 66 and the day’s Epistle from Galatians 4;  “Rose Sunday” because we’ll see rose-colored vestments, and Altar flowers will make their singular appearance during the season;  “Mothering Sunday” also after the day’s Epistle which points to the “Jerusalem which above is free; which is the mother of us all,” as well as to the soldiers and servants released from service for the day to visit their mothers (the day still serves as Mother’s Day in Great Britain);  and “Refreshment Sunday” due to the invitation to “hit the pause button” during the rigorous season.  Fasting and abstinence rules are briefly relaxed, and the day’s appointed Gospel from St. John 6 recounts the story of the miraculous feeding of the five thousand.

Father Bart will be both Celebrant & Preacher for the Sunday morning Mass at 10am.  Your servant will be Officiant/ Cantor and deliver a brief meditation during Evensong at 5pm.

The Ladies Fellowship group assembles this Tuesday at 11:30am in the Parish Hall.  All St. Bart’s women are welcome and encouraged to attend!  Snacks & tea will be provided.

Your new Junior Warden, Bill Hayden, has asked me to inform you of a Parish Workday this Saturday, March 17th, from 8 am to 12 noon (weather permitting).  Hot coffee, tea, muffins & bagels will be on hand to provide sustenance during the much needed Spring cleaning.

Here is the full schedule for the week forthcoming:

SUNDAY (Mar. 11):  Holy Eucharist at 10am (Lent IV/ Rose)
Celebrant & Preacher:  Father Bart  │  Organist:  Gail Erickson
Bible Study at 9am  │  Sunday School at 10am

Evening Prayer with a brief, Scriptural Meditation at 5pm
Officiant:  Father Davis  │  Reader:  Rick Gregory

TUESDAY  (Mar. 13):  LADIES FELLOWSHIP at 11:30am

WEDNESDAY  (Mar. 14):  Holy Eucharist at 12 noon
Celebrant:  Father Davis

FRIDAY  (Mar. 16):  Holy Eucharist at 8am (St. Patrick, trans.)
Celebrant:  Father Bart

Stations of the Cross at 12 noon
Officiant:  Father Davis  │  Crucifer:  Drew Miller


See you soon—much love & many blessings,

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