News from St. Bart’s (3/25)

Palm Sunday Procession to La Parroquia in San Miguel de Allende (State of Guanajuato, Mexico)

Palm Sunday Procession to La Parroquia in San Miguel de Allende (State of Guanajuato, Mexico)

Dear Brothers & Sisters in our Lord,

From the earliest days of the Church, followers of Jesus Christ have gathered at this time of the year to retell the story of his Passion and Death, to consider anew just how unintentionally prophetic the chief priest Caiaphas was when he uttered the words:

It is expedient for us that one man should die for the people (St. John 11:50).

Holy Week provides a unique opportunity to empty ourselves that we may be more filled with God, and be better prepared to celebrate with joy the Great Paschal Feast of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Take every opportunity to be here during the most important week of the Christian Year in order to enter more fully into our His sacrificial love and the joy of His Resurrection.

Here are the prospects for corporate worship and prayer during the next several days: 

PALM SUNDAY:  Blessing, Distribution & Procession of the Palms and Holy Eucharist at 10am  
Celebrant & Preacher:  Father Davis  │  Organist:  Gail Erickson
Liturgy begins downstairs in the Parish Hall

HOLY MONDAYTUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY:  Ante-Communion at 12 noon
The heart of these brief “Liturgy of the Word” services are the Gospels’ Passion narratives.  Wednesday’s appointed Gospel particularly sets us up for Maundy Thursday and the remainder of the Sacred Triduum that follows.

MAUNDY THURSDAY:  Holy Eucharist, Procession to the Altar of Repose, and Stripping of the Altar at 7pm

GOOD FRIDAY (silence kept on church grounds from 12 to 3pm):  Matins, The Solemn Collects, and Liturgy of the Presanctified at 12 noon;  Stations of the Cross at 2:30pm  │  Stations of the Cross at 7pm

HOLY SATURDAY:  Easter Even Propers, Blessing of the New Fire, Lighting of the Paschal Candle, The Exsultet, and the Litany of the Saints at 7pm

EASTER DAY:  Holy Eucharist at 10am
Celebrant & Preacher:  Father Davis  │  Organist:  Carol Foster 

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