News from St. Bart’s (4/26)









Dear Brothers & Sisters in our Lord,

Greetings in our Lord from Lafayette, CA, which is the site of the Diocese of the Western States Synod.  Joining me from St. Bartholomew’s Church are Father Bart, Cynthia, and Rick.  Mary Ellen had to necessarily make a late cancellation, and I’m passing along her regrets & regards to the others assembled here who will surely miss her presence.  Though there was a reception and some meetings yesterday, the annual assembly gets started in earnest today.  Please pray for each and all who are here.

Don’t forget that the next Ladies Fellowship gathering is tomorrow, this Friday, at 11:30am in the Parish Hall.

Also, the church is looking a bit the worse for wear this week and surely into the weekend;  but as we covered in last Sunday’s Propers and sermon, such is but the birth-pangs of new, restored life.  Much needed work around the buildings’ exteriors is getting done and will continue into the summer, but nothing should interfere with our regular activities.

Many thanks to the Garden Guild and those who have helped out with the hard work required for the grounds to emerge from what has been a long, dark season to what will surely bring glory to God and enjoyment for the rest of us over the Spring and Summer months forthcoming.

Enjoy the beautiful weather today!  We’ll see you Sunday morning.

Much love and many blessings,

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