News from St. Bart’s (6/24)

Dear Brothers & Sisters in our Lord,

A blessed Feast of St. John Baptist to each & all of you.  As the day is a Prayer Book Holy Day, it will be commemorated with a said Holy Eucharist this morning at 10am.

Many thanks to those of you who provided such gracious hospitality on Wednesday for the Memorial Service & Liturgy of Commendation for Audrey Jacobsen.  The feedback received from a goodly number of visitors was consistently positive regarding the way we “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” (I Chron 16:29; II Chron 20:21; Ps 29:2, 96:9), the efforts that went into the reception that followed, and our handsome buildings & grounds.

Speaking of buildings & grounds, make sure and be here for a work party this Saturday at 10am as there is much work to be done inside & out of both buildings and outside.  Bring your weed trimmers, edgers, and other lawn & garden tools, but especially bring your selves.  We look forward to seeing each & all of you who can make it for the summer’s major clean-up event.

The Anglican Church Women’s rescheduled June meeting takes place this Sunday at 11:30am in the Leen Center’s first classroom.

A big thank you to our Sunday School Teachers and those who help care for some of our youngest children during Sunday Mass!  During the summer break, don’t forget that your children are always welcome—strongly encouraged, in fact!—to attend the whole of the liturgy with the “big people” on Sunday mornings.  Who knows?  I might even call them up to the Chancel a time or two for sermon time before Sunday School reconvenes in the Fall.

The Archbishop Morse Summer Youth Camp takes place the week of July 3rd.  Check with me if you have any questions concerning the camp, which, after more than a decade spent as its now former director, still holds a special place in my heart.  Please start praying now for the youth, camp staff, and clergy who will be in attendance.

Continue to lift up Deacon Bart Dellinger in your prayers as he is scheduled to be ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests by our recently installed Diocesan Ordinary, The Right Reverend Donald Ashman, on Sunday, July 3rd.  Two Confirmations are also scheduled, and a joyous reception will follow.

Finally, thanks for all the wonderful feedback in response to last Sunday’s sermon, which has easily been the most received since Trinity Sunday.  It’s been a lot of fun!  Interestingly, a couple of you saw my remarks on Wednesday as a continuation of the same theme, albeit from a different angle.

See you this weekend—much love & many blessings,

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