Senior Warden Announces Revised COVID-19 Measures

On Sunday, January 31, the Senior Warden announced changes to our COVID-19 plan based on our region’s move to phase 2 of the Governor’s Healthy Washington Road to Recovery.

  • We will continue to meet for public worship each Sunday observing the 25% capacity rule.
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet will continue.
  • All persons present for public worship will be required to wear a mask or other suitable face and nose covering at all times.
  • We will not pass the offering plate during worship.
  • We will continue to observe Bishop’s Ashman’s form of the Communion of the Faithful: the sealed containers with individual hosts presented to the congregation in place.
  • We will resume congregational singing.
  • We will add the Offertory back into our worship by presenting the offering plate during the Doxology, but the offering plate will remain at the entrance to the church prior to the Offertory for individuals to place their gifts in.
  • The Officiant or Cantor will be allowed to remove their mask when the individual is speaking or chanting.
  • We will return the BCP’s and Hymnals back to the pews.
  • We will increase building ventilation during the service.
  • We will avoid gathering at the entrance to the church to allow members to leave the building and maintain social distance.

We do these things in love and charity for our brothers and sisters and to keep our community safe.

On-going Covid-19 Response

Beginning May 1st, the Council of Bishops has instructed parishes to follow the guidance of their state and local governments to limit the spread of Covid-19; churches may resume public, in-person services as permitted by their state. Parishes should continue to follow social distancing guidelines as they resume services.

Read Bishop Upham’s letter here.