Tents and Supplies for Camp Unity

St. Bartholomew’s outreach committee allocated $2000 from the outreach fund for the purchase of tents, cots and other supplies to support Camp Unity Eastside.

The donation was used to create a matching fund to encourage others to help close the funding gap for sheltering and other needs.  (April 2018)

Anglican Church Women (ACW) support Health work in Guatemala

On August 19th ACW member Mabel Ezeonwu gave a presentation to the ACW on her recent trip to Guatemala.   Her University of Washington team spent two weeks in the country training village health care promoters and putting on “pop-up clinics”.  The work was carried out with Seattle-based Guatemala Village Health (GVH). Together they visited 8 villages and reached 596 people with primary care and preventive health services.  The villages were remote– two of them only accessible by boat.  These communities have no access to health services.  Malnutrition is common.  ACW support was much appreciated and provided stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, batteries and other supplies which remained with the village health promoters after the team left.

If anyone wants to support this work further, Mabel provided information on three village health promoters who are looking for financial assistance so they can continue their education.  Donations can be directed to Guatemala Village Health.  Mabel presented us with a beautiful Guatemalan cross as a thank you gift. (August 2018)

Parish Pantry

Thank you for your donations to the Parish Pantry.

The last Sunday of each month is Parish Pantry Sunday. Remember those who struggle each week to put enough food on the table to feed their own families.  Please consider adding a case of shelf-stable food to your shopping this week and bring it to our Pantry on Sunday to be distributed by our faithful deliverers.

Thank you Bob and Judy Frizelle for your constant devotion!   The attached list of pantry needs will help you choose a few of the much needed items for families in need. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, by the Outreach Team and especially by the recipients of your gifts.

Contact Donna Dellinger if you have any questions about our Pantry or any other Outreach projects you may be interested in supporting.