October Shepherd’s Staff

The Shepherd’s Staff, our provincial newsletter, is filled with news and photos from churches around the country. In this issue:

  • The Ordination of Fr. Darius Gasatura
  • Bishop Ashman’s Trinity XVI Homily
  • News from St. Joseph’s Seminary
  • Why Study the Bible?
  • Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at St. George’s
  • St. Luke: Doctor, Writer, Companion, and Friend
  • 2024 Ordo Kalendars

Download the October issue.

July Shepherd’s Staff

INSIDE THIS EDITION: St. George’s Anglican (Las Vegas) organizes guided trip to Israel in June 2024.

The latest Shepherd’s Staff, our provincial newsletter, has arrived.

In this latest edition, learn about a wonderful opportunity to visit the Holy Land with our fellow APCK brothers and sisters.

There are other articles as well that are not only interesting, but keep us together regardless of the distance between our parishes.

June Shepherd’s Staff

The Rt. Rev. Peter F. Hansen visits Holy Cross, Oklahoma City

The Shepherd’s Staff is the newsletter of the Anglican Province of Christ the King. Published monthly, it’s full of news and photos from our sister parishes around the country.

Access the June 2023 Newsletter here.

if you’d like to receive the Shepherd’s Staff via email, let Deacon Rick know.

The Shepherd’s Staff Goes Provincial

If you have photos of parish events, please forward them to Bishop Ashman for submission in the next Shepherd’s Staff.

In July 2022, Bishop Ashman confirmed that going forward, the Shepherd’s Staff would be the newsletter for the entire Anglican Province of Christ the King. Readers now get monthly news from parishes all across the country. (Scroll down for newsletter links.)

A hearty thank you to the Archbishop who has given his permission and support for this new-not-new Shepherd’s Staff, and especially to Father Gordon Hines who has volunteered his time and talent for this new provincial undertaking.”

Submit Your Parish Photos

If you take a picture of confirmands or a birthday cake or any other event, it really cheers people to read and see them. Email your submissions to Bishop Ashman.

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